Woodnotes is a Finnish design company founded in 1987 by textile designer Ritva Puotila and her son Mikko Puotila. Created to combine artistic creativity, natural materials and advanced technologies, the Woodnotes brand has developed into an award winning company with its paper yarn products sold in over 40 countries. The use of the raw materials of wood and paper in interiors is familiar to Finns, with their long tradition of its use in interiors, but Woodnotes has also captivated the world with the precision and beauty of the paper yarn’s unique application in rugs, textiles, wall reliefs and accessories.

Woodnotes is the first company in the world to use paper yarn in these functional and commercial ways. Ritva Puotila recognised the unique and enduring properties of paper yarn and began designing products that take advantage of its unique characteristics, rather than using it as a substitute for other materials. The Woodnotes collection, which has expanded over the years to rugs, textiles, bags and blinds, and evolves every year with new, relevant, and innovative products.

The Woodnotes spun paper yarn is an authentic, natural material composed of an ecologically produced renewable resource: wood. The strength and durability of the yarn results from wood fibres. Paper is both hygienic and safe. Due to the density of the fibres, paper yarn collects neither dust nor dirt. The paper yarn is spun from kraft paper, which is also used as a raw material in food packaging. Woodnotes’ paper yarn products are biodegradable, and the white paper is produced without chlorine gas.

Woodnotes rugs are available in custom sizes, in many colour and pattern combinations and with a selection of edging and backing.  The rug collection includes many other designs in addition to those listed here, so please contact us or visit the Woodnotes website for comprehensive information on their collection. Woodnotes products are available from Deka Design. Please enquire for pricing.