Research and redirective design

Nora Kinnunen is a redirective designer and researcher working across disciplines, in private practice and as an academic. Broadly concerned with sustainable futures, she draws on her experience with creative businesses to focus research and strategic redirective design services on assisting individuals and organisations to develop enabling conditions for values-based practices.

As climate change and global geo-political instability necessitates socio-economic transformation, how individuals and businesses will transition their practices towards a sustainable future becomes a focus. Questions about the responsibility of organisations, the role of the individual as a worker and a citizen, and the nature of hegemonic structures requires cross-sector, multi-dimensional exploration. Understanding how existing social, economic and political structures contextualise an issue but also how these structures can be deconstructed and re-imagined to reveal possibilities for a design response or other intervention is an important part of our redirective design services. We focus on the transformative capacity of the individual or organisation and develop futuring pathways and platforms for replacing unsustainable with sustaining practices.

Research tools and design outcomes include:
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Practice based, theoretical and critical approaches
  • Social practices, socio-ecological systems and socio-technical systems perspectives
  • Design futuring strategies
  • Platforming initiatives
  • Design interventions and activism

We provide design research and strategic redirective design services for individuals, companies, institutions and other organisations either directly or through collaborations with other research organisations. To view Nora's previous work please go to and or contact Nora for more information.