In the workshop

The craft of furniture making is about understanding process. From identification and selection of materials, to development of concepts, design and making, each step is performed with thought about how it relates within the process. In the purest forms of craft, the choice of material will affect form, which in turn will direct aesthetics, ergonomics, function and use. A craftsman will work first with the material and maintain a process that is not in conflict with its properties.

Our processes for making furniture are based on traditions of wood craft and upholstery, but also include the use of other materials and processes including stainless steel, bronze, plywood, veneers and laminates. With Lasse and Helena’s skills refined over forty years, the Deka Design workshop continues to produce unique pieces of high quality and longevity.

Here's a short video of our recently completed project for the manufacture of restaurant tables for Cox Rayner's One One One Eagle Street, Brisbane.

The Making Of from Deka Design on Vimeo.