Furniture consultancy

We provide a range of consultancy services to the architecture and design industry, to builders and projects managers, and to end consumers. Drawing on our combined experience in hands-on furniture design, craft and manufacture, project management and interiors, we can assist in any architecture and interiors project where expert knowledge of furniture is needed. To employ our consulting services it is not necessary for the client to have us manufacture the furniture for the project as we happily work with other craftspeople and manufacturers.

Furniture consultancy:
Our combined expertise covers areas of furniture design, design for manufacture, furniture craft, manufacturing processes and the broader issues of sustainability. We offer these expert services:
  • Furniture and joinery design
  • Material and process specification for furniture and joinery manufacture
  • Detailed manufacturing drawings
  • Optimisation of design for manufacture
  • Furniture concept development
  • Prototype manufacture
  • Design and manufacture of furniture componentry
  • Design of furniture for commercialisation
  • Design of furniture for specialised applications
  • Upholstery techniques including textile selection, pattern making and sewing
  • Specialised product knowledge for sustainable procurement of furniture
  • Viability analysis of restoration and refurbishment
  • Writing of care instructions and maintenance schedules
  • Advice on furniture manufacturing set-up

Our services are available for small to large projects, from one-off consultation to management of the furniture procurement and installation process. We can contribute to a project as part of a multi-disciplinary team or as a one-off service provider or as complementary to existing in-house knowledge. While we recommend our services to be included at the beginning of a project, we recognise that this is not always possible so we can also assist furniture design and selection processes at any phase of the project.

Why use our consulting services?
Our wide range of services offer the benefit of acquired hands-on experience and expert knowledge:
  • Value for money: we have invested in specialised product, material and process knowledge to ensure the best long-term solution for any project
  • Project management: smooth liaison with, and coordination of, subcontractors
  • Across whole industry sector: we can work through all project stages and with all stakeholders, in cross-disciplinary teams
  • Deliverables: detailed manufacturing drawings, optimised design for manufacture, high quality finished product
  • Long term commitment: after sales service, broad consideration of product life cycle, recycling and re-use strategies.