Foam cut to size

We stock high quality polyurethane foam and provide a service to cut it to the customer's required sizes.

Prices below are per square metre and for reference only, they do not include delivery. The price may vary depending on the size and quantity of your pieces. Please contact us at with you list of sizes and thicknesses for a quotation. We will also provide advice on the most appropriate foam selections for your project.
Listed here are the popular sizes used for furniture upholstery, but we can also supply other sizes and qualities eg: outdoor foam.

36-130 10mm thick $15/m2
36-100 and 36-130 25mm thick $35/m2
36-100 and 36-130 50mm thick $70/m2
36-100 and 36-130 100mm thick $140/m2
36-100 and 36-130 125mm thick $175/m2

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