Fujiwo Ishimoto 'On the Road' book

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This beautiful illustrated book is about the work of Fujiwo Ishimoto, textile designer for Marimekko since the 1970's and ceramic artist. The text is in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Condition: Not used, in very good condition.

Pages: 191. Illustrations of his textile designs from the 1976 through to 2001, and his ceramic art works. Soft cover 21 x 25cm. It has English, Finnish and Swedish text.

Introduction written by Carla Enbom. Layout by Fujiwo Ishimoto and Timo Makinen.

Published in 2001 by Marimekko on the occasion of Fujiwo Ishimoto's exhibition 'On the Road' at the Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki. This exhibition traveled with Fujiwo to Brisbane in 2003, where we hosted Fujiwo and the exhibition in our showroom.

ISBN: 952-9531-41-9 ISSN: 0788-0139