Special Promo - Mika modular or sofa with loose cover

For as long as Helena and Lasse have been making sofas, they have been making loose covers for them! Loose covers are practical and will add years to the life of your sofa, and they can be utilised as an alternative to re-upholstery or they can be chosen when purchasing a new sofa.

We are having a Special Promotion for orders received in February 2016, for a sofa or modular with a loose cover to highlight the advantages of purchasing a high quality sofa with the added flexibility of a washable loose cover. 

Two-seater Mika sofa (210cm) with loose cover, normally $6,190. Special Promotion Price $5,500.
Two-piece Mika modular with loose cover, normally $10,290. 
Special Promotion Price is $9,190.

These prices apply to the standard size two-seater (210cm) Mika sofa with two back cushions and a standard size two-piece Mika modular with five back cushions. The sofa frame is fully upholstered in a cotton fabric and the loose cover fabric is a 100% cotton washable plain fabric. The customer may choose the colour from those available. For other fabrics, POA. Customer may choose stainless steel or solid timber legs. Lead time 4-6 weeks from date of order. Deposit required on order.

For customers who already have one of our sofas, please contact us if you would like your sofa to be re-upholstered or have a loose cover made for it. Our current pricing for a loose cover only, in washable 100% cotton fabric, for the Mika range is as follows:

Two-seater (standard size 210cm): $1,890.
Two-piece modular (standard size): $2,900.

About loose covers...
We are often asked about re-upholstery of sofas and we have done this for many of our customers who have had one of our sofas in use for many many years. We love that customers would prefer to re-upholster a sofa rather than replacing it, but we know how expensive it seems if it is compared to purchasing new. If a customer has a good quality sofa, for example one of ours, it is worthwhile to maintain it. So for those looking for a new sofa, investing in a good quality frame right from the start will ensure that your sofa can last for decades, easily outlasting any fabric or leather. Choosing a high quality fabric is then also very important to give the longest life possible before re-upholstery is needed. 

There is an alternative to re-upholstery, which can be considered when purchasing a new sofa or considering re-upholstery. That is to have a washable loose cover made. This entails having your sofa upholstered in a plain canvas and a washable loose cover custom fitted to it. Many fabrics are drycleanable, and there are beautiful cotton canvas fabrics which can be hand or machine washed. Each of our sofa styles suits a loose cover so when purchasing a new sofa from us you will be given this option. As is seen in these images of our Mika modular, our loose covers are tight-fitting, and with credit to Helena's skilled pattern making and sewing, not easily recognisable as loose covers! 

To enquire about our loose covers for sofas and chairs, please contact Helena on info@dekadeign.com.au.


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