Villa wool felt pencil case

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This pencil case is made by Deka as part of our Villa wool felt collection. 
Size: 24 x 11cm. Not lined inside.
Felt: solid colours 2mm thick 100% wool, melange colours 2mm thich 80% wool/ 20% rayon

- Royal (darker) blue with blue zipper
- Blue with blue zipper
- Yellow with white zipper
- Red with red zipper

Care: hand wash in warm water with a small amount of good washing powder. Any pilling can be removed easily with a pilling comb

The Villa Accessories Collection:

This collection is based on the natural beauty of wool felt (‘villa’ is wool in Finnish). Wool felt is a material which is ecologically sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. It is a felted solid material which has no backing. It is highly durable, wears gracefully and is warm to the touch.

The Villa collection includes accessories made by Deka in Australia and Finland using only high quality wool felt from Europe. The collection includes the award winning i…stool, the i…cushion and a variety of purses and bags. The products are made from either 100% wool felt or 80% wool/20% rayon felt. The collection evolves seasonally with new colours and designs.