Loose covers for furniture

Loose covers for furniture

For as long as Helena and Lasse have been making sofas, we've also been making removable loose covers. They are a practical alternative, and can be a great complement, to fully upholstered furniture. Each one of our sofa designs and many of our chairs, suit a loose cover, so by choosing a loose cover either when purchasing new, or when re-upholstering, many years will be added to the life of your furniture. So, it is surprising for us that many people don't consider seriously when purchasing a new furniture piece. With our loose covers, you will have a fully upholstered sofa frame underneath the loose cover, so that when the covers are removed for cleaning, you can still use your sofa.

See our Special Promotion for February 2016 for our Mika sofa and modular with loose covers!

As seen in these images of our Mika modular, Helena's skills in pattern making and sewing makes the loose cover so tailored that it is hardly recognisable as a loose cover.


Our Fuji sofa with loose cover:

As well as for sofas and armchairs, loose covers are also suitable for dining chairs. Here's our Markus chair with and without a loose cover.

For this furniture we chose the Marimekko upholstery fabrics which are great for washing. In fact, these been in use for many years and the loose covers have been machine washed several times. There are many other fabrics available which are either drycleanable or washable. 

Ottomans can also be made so that they have a loose cover for washing. 

To enquire about loose covers, please contact Helena on info@dekadesign.com.au .

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