We have hosted, organised, sponsored and participated in dozens of art, music, and design exhibitions and happenings over the years. Some of the more recent events and exhibitions where we have participated in include:

Happenings Helsinki 2022

Happenings Helsinki is a new kind of experiential, interactive event in the world of objects and spaces. It works to promote furniture, lighting and interior design services direct to customers, but instead of a permanent showroom, customers are invited to small events that take place in different locations across Helsinki. With each event having an interiors related theme focusing on a particular phenomenon, there is emphasis on one-on-one discussions with designers and product suppliers. Here through a meaningful dialogue we learn together and are inspired by new perceptions and changing perspectives.

Deka at Happenings Helsinki

Nora Kinnunen from Deka Studio is co-producer of Happenings Helsinki, alongside interior architects Wilhelmiina Kosonen and Anne Kosonen.

Deka Studio participated in the inaugural event held in November 2022 with the theme of home office. A schedule of events for 2023 will be published on the Happenings Helsinki website soon.


Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale 2019

Deka Studio is part of the inaugural Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale Parallel Program:

Lasse Kinnunen's Origins Furniture Exhibition: 15 June - 15 September at Deka Studio - Uusi Kasarmi, Fiskarsintie 360, 10470 Fiskars

Craft Futures: An exploration of craft livelihoods, by Nora Kinnunen: 29 June. 6 - 7.30pm at  Cafe Bar Pesula Fiskars, Hälleforsintie 1, 10470 Fiskars

Round Table Design Discussions: 13 July at Fiskars Village, in the park next to the pikku pässi by the river .

Repair Cultures Furniture Restoration Demonstration: 20 July at Fiskars Village.

Piano Recital by Neo Kinnunen-Ivanovic: 21 July, 2pm at Lukaali, Fiskarsintie 318, 10470 Fiskars

Habitare 2018 in Helsinki

Lasse's work was on show at Onoma's stand 6m31 at the Habitare Interior, Design & Furniture fair in Helsinki. The fair runs from 12 - 16 September 2018.

Lasse Kinnunen, cabinet. Camphor Laurel, gidgee and stainless steel.

ROOTS and WINGS bench: Onoma 125% Exhibition

1 July - 30 September 2018, at Deka Studio, Järnvikintie 14, 10470 Fiskars

Lasse and Helena's Roots and Wings bench sits in the midst of the aspen's quivering leaves. It is a place of refection at Deka Studio, where Lasse and Helena can sit and think of their Finnish roots while allowing their imagination to soar. The work combines timbers from Australia and Finland.

Fiskars Village, the beauty of its nature, history, artists, artisans and community together form an atmosphere of creativeity and different perspectives. This place gives us, as designers, inspiration, and as makers it gives us materials.

The works in this outdoor summer exhibition are located within Fiskars Village. Participating local artists, designers and craftspeople have each chosen a setting that has significance for them and their artwork.

Roots and Wings: by Lasse Kinnunen and Helena Kinnunen

View from Roots and Wings.

Map of 125% exhibition at Fiskars. Roots and Wings @ #9 on map.

Onoma 125% Exhibition http://onoma.fi/125-nayttely/ 

Fiskars Summer House Exhibition

15 June - 16 September 2018, at the Granary, Fiskars Village.

The Fiskars Summer House exhibition presents 10 designers and their imaginings of a Finnish artist's summer house. Our Nomad stool makes an appearance in the greehouse for artist and arts patron Maire Gullichsen, by Susanna Vento and Fiskars.

Nomad stool (on right) in jarrah with stainless steel details, by Lasse Kinnunen

Summer House exhibition built by Luovi Productions https://www.fiskarssummerhouse.com/ 

ROOTS/JUURET exhibition

Deka Design co-hosted this exhibition at the Granary in Fiskars, Finland. Held in June - July 2017, it featured the work of Son of Martin, a collective of five designers and makers: Anne Kosonen, Wilhelmiina Kosonen, Helena Kinnunen, Lasse Kinnunen and Nora Kinnunen. 

Son of Martin ROOTS/JUURET exhibition

Deka Studio Finland - Helena and Lasse Kinnunen

 nora kinnunen
Nora Kinnunen's The Endangered Skill

HIGHTIDE exhibition

This exhibition is a showcase of the best in Queensland design from the last decade. Lasse and Helena's works are included with the Kantti table and chair and the i...stool.

The exhibition is on October 2013 until February 2014 at Artisan, 381 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley.

Hightide is also a publication by Jason Bird which is available for sale at www.hightide-book.com . It features the work of each of the 22 Queensland designers chosen to participate in this book and exhibition.

ON THE EDGE exhibition

Furniture and objects by Deka Design: Lasse Kinnunen, Helena Kinnunen and Nora Kinnunen 

Exhibition Open: 13 June - 8 July 2012.

Where: Hilltop on Tamborine, 1525 Tamborine Oxenford Road, Wongawallan, Gold Coast, Queensland 4210. Tel: 5545 1424

ON THE EDGE is an exhibition of furniture and objects, produced by an assembly of skills enacted by Lasse Kinnunen, Helena Kinnunen and Nora Kinnunen, the family behind Deka Design. Deka Design is a Brisbane based furniture making company that produces handmade contemporary furniture and objects for both residential and commercial interiors. The company is an advocate of a culturally relevant built environment and encourages the use of local and recycled materials, local craftsmanship and a design aesthetic that is complementary of Australian, and in particular Queensland’s sub-tropical, architecture.

Curated by Nora, this exhibition aims to promote a new direction for design by invoking the tradition of the craftsman’s hand. The works on show combine endangered skills with considered design to create works of interest, beauty and longevity. The works include unique interior objects and production furniture pieces for use in residential and commercial settings. 

On the edge of a new direction or on the brink of crisis?

ON THE EDGE performs as a visual display of crisis at the crossroads, presenting that which may either become obsolete, or celebrate that which, through a new design direction, may become the sustainable and desirable alternative. 

Nora Kinnunen states “As designers and manufacturers of consumer products we are greatly responsible for the future sustainability, or unsustainability, of our designed world. This exhibition brings into visibility the handmade, and celebrates the craftsmanship, the emotional and the material in a hope to instruct our consumer habits towards viable futures.”



EcoDesign Exhibition at Habitare Interiors Fair in Helsinki, Finland Sepember 2011 

This annual exhibition presents ecological products from designers around the world.The theme for 2011 was 'Multifunctionality'. German Industrial Designer Konstantin Grcic was invited as guest of honour for this exhibition. By 'Multifunctionality' it meant that the product can be functional by the usage of space or the product can be multifunctional itself.

Advertising Agency Valo and Konstantin Grcic invited top-class international designers and young talents from Finland and abroad to take part in the EcoDesign Special Exhibition. Over a hundred products were exhibited

Deka Design participated with the trans-form-it collection's lounge chair which aims to illustrate how a piece of furniture can have added functionality by being able to easily pack it away for transport and storage. More information about the 2011 EcoDesign exhibition is at http://www.ecodesign.fi/previous-exhibitions/2011-2/2011exhibition.htm


Unlimited: Asia Pacific Design Triennial at State Library of Queensland The Edge: 2010

Exhibition Moving Cities: Moving People: Moving Minds in collaboration with Griffith University Queensland College of Art's Master of Design Futures program, Inkahoots and Architectus.

This exhibition reveals the unsustainability of current western ways of living. Featuring the trans-form-it collection as a response to this, an exemplary design project that illustrates current design re-direction in the face of future challenges. 

The collection, consisting of residential furniture, is designed to be packed away for ease of transport and storage, and manufactured using low impact materials and low tech fittings.