Collection: Origins

For this evolving collection Lasse Kinnunen designs and hand crafts timber furniture in which he reveals the material and communicates craftsmanship. His intent is to make local furniture craft visible and promote it as an alternative to homogenous design. While aesthetically unique, each item is manufactured by Lasse to a high commercial standard making them suitable for residential and commercial projects.

To make the Origins pieces Lasse often uses camphor laurel, the introduced species which is now classified as a weed along the east coast of Australia. To complement the distinct wood he partners it with a native timber and custom made stainless steel hinges and handles. Origins furniture pieces are custom made to order.

This collection was shown at the ON THE EDGE exhibition at Hilltop on Tamborine, on the Gold Coast, in 2012, and as part of the Parallel Program of the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale in Finland in 2019.


camphor laurel - invasive beauty

value-adding to this harmhul weed as an example of sustainable resource use

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