DIY lamp shades

DIY lamp shades

An easy way to brighten up an existing lamp is to make a new lamp shade. We make these leather and wool felt shades for the Ikea Kvart wall lamp and the Flos May Day lamp. But if you want to make one at home, it is very easy!

One piece of leather or wool felt approx 45 x 45cm (for Ikea lamp) or 80 x 80cm (for Flos May Day lamp).
One open ended zipper in a complementing or contrasting colour (23cm for the Ikea lamp).

When covering an existing lamp shade with a new one, care must be taken so that the lamp does not overheat. Use an LED bulb that does not cause the cover to overheat.

1. Make a pattern on paper from your lamp.
2. Use this to cut your material.
3. Position and mark the zipper.
4. Sew the zipper in place.
5. You can also make a cover for the Ikea lamp wall mount by cutting a circle the 1cm larger than the mount, and a border 1cm wider than the thickness of the mount. Length is the circumference of the mount plus 1cm. Simply sew the edges together to form a cover.

Ikea Kvart lamp with DIY felt cover.

Felt cover

Flos May Day lamp with DIY leather cover.


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