Deka Design at the Roots/Juuret Exhibition June 27 2017

Hand crafted furniture by Helena and Lasse Kinnunen and the Craft Futures platform by Nora Kinnunen are exhibited at the Roots/Juuret exhibition in Fiskars Finland. This exhibition shows the work of the members of Son of Martin, our family design collective drawn together by our love of craftsmanship and design. Through this exhibition, we each reveal the essence behind our work - our craft-based sensibility which we inherited from our ancestors.

Photo: Leila Karvonen

Photo: Helena Kinnunen

On display are furniture and interior elements by Wilhelmiina Kosonen; a spatial dialogue by Anne Kosonen; furniture and accessories by Lasse and Helena Kinnunen and the Endangered Skill platform by Nora Kinnunen. 

As part of the Deka Design display are pieces from our collection alongside new pieces by Helena and Lasse and a series of custom cabinets by Lasse. We are also excited to be showing new pendants by our friends at Luxxbox. The Shingle and Birdcage are part of Luxxbox's range of lighting specifically designed with acoustic properties to assist with sound management in interior spaces. Available in a range of sizes and colours. 

Photo: Leila Karvonen

Exhibition open 17.6 - 16.7.2017 at the beautiful Granary (Makasiini) building, Fiskarsintie, Fiskars, Finland.