Onoma 125% Summer Exhibition

The works in this exhibition are located within and around the periphery of Fiskars Village. The participating local artists, designers and craftspeople have each chosen a setting that has significance for them and their work. 

Lasse and Helena's Roots and Wings bench is set in the midst of the quivering leaves of the aspen. A place where they can reflect on their Finnish roots while allowing their imagination to soar. The work combines timber from Finland and Australia.

Fiskars Village, the beauty of its nature, history, artists, artisans and community together form an atmosphere of creativity and different perspectives. This place gives us, as designers, inspiration, and as makers it gives us materials. 


The view from Roots and Wings.

Experience Roots and Wings at Järnvikintie 14, Fiskars (#9 on the map). 

Onoma 125% Summer Exhibition on 1 July - 30 September 2018. Visitors are welcome to plan their journey through all the works around the village on foot or by bicycle.



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