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trans-form-it chair

trans-form-it chair

The trans-form-it chair is part of a larger collection which addresses challenges of urbanisation such as mobility and reduced living spaces. The chair is collapsible and had optional wool felt covers.

Designed by Nora Kinnunen, Lasse Kinnunen, Helena Kinnunen
Manufactured by Deka in Australia and Finland

Environmentally responsible construction using local timber. In Australia we use Queensland hoop pine plywood and solid hoop pine sourced from AFS certified plantations, and in Finland we use birch. Water based stain, lacquer or natural ochre stain in a selection of colours. Low technology hinges used. Removable wool felt covers as optional.

trans-form-it is a new concept, for a new time. It shows how design can be re-directed towards an adaptable built environment and a sustainable material culture.

While trans-form-it is an imagining of a future of sustainable material culture, it is also a response to current challenges of urbanisation such as mobility, protection and reduced living spaces. This collection encourages a dialogue which questions our current expectations of furniture as functionally and aesthetically determinate, and communicates the need to direct the design of our material culture towards a sustainable future.

All the pieces are contained within a box for protection during transport and storage. The furniture is assembled without tools and the entire box structure is used for the finished pieces. The collection includes lounge, dining, study and bedroom furniture.

The materials have been carefully considered. Hoop pine timber and plywood have been brought together with great attention to detail for a beautiful timeless finish. The modest aesthetic and natural materials were chosen to complement sub-tropical architecture and a sustainable way of life.

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