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Origins collection cabinets

Origins collection cabinets

For his Origins cabinets, Lasse employs subtle markers to evoke the senses - silky surface finishes, aromatic camphor laurel and musical chimes and strings combine for a multisensory experience. Chimes that welcome you home when you leave your keys in the drawer, aroma of camphor that releases when you open the door and ripples on the wood surface that invite your touch are ways to move the focus to that which is near. 

These cabinets often feature Australian grown camphor laurel and for the legs he uses Australian acacias, known for their hardness, such as gidgee, blackwood or bowyakka. Each cabinet is made to order and has a unique set of stainless steel hinges and handles designed and hand crafted by Lasse. More information on the Origins products is found here.

About camphor laurel:
Camphor laurel grows along the east coast of Australia. Being an introduced species that has prolific seed production it grows rapidly in many areas taking over native vegetation. In northern New South Wales the trees are controlled and often removed and replaced with native trees. The timber is beautiful and value adding to this resource is encouraged. This makes it a coveted material for woodworkers looking for a decorative, workable timber. The wood has a distinct fragrance and antibacterial properties. Lasse enjoys using camphor laurel for its distinct patterns and warm tones. The wood colour ranges from light to dark brown so it complements oak, walnut and acacias well. The silky finish is achieved with natural surface finishes.

Oksa - camphor laurel with gidgee legs and stainless steel hinges and detail
Albertocamphor laurel, white beach and tasmanian oak with custom stainless steel handles and hinges.
Trails - camphor laurel with gidgee and custom stainless steel handles and hinges.
Sheer - camphor laurel and blackwood with custom stainless steel hinges. 
Aurora - camphor laurel and ironwood with stainless steel hinges.
Custom credenza and drinks cabinets for client, London. Camphor laurel and gidgee with custom stainless steel hinges and handles.
Musical cabinet - blackbutt, camphor laurel and gidgee with musical chimes and strings inside. A console positioned in the foyer that chimes when the keys are placed into it signifies a separation of the outside world and the home. 

Origins collection: These solid timber cabinets are part of our origins collectionFor this evolving collection Lasse designs and hand crafts timber furniture in which he reveals the material and communicates craftsmanship. His intent is to make local furniture craft visible and promote it as an alternative to homogenous design. While aesthetically unique, each item is manufactured by Lasse to a high commercial standard.

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